Whether you’re already a seasoned vet within the cannabis dispensary space, or you’re a newcomer just beginning to learn about the incredible potential of the cannabis plant – it’s important to be informed about exactly what you’re putting in your body, and how much. Here at Lazy River Products, our aim is to be your go-to source for cannabis products in all of New England. And, while going to the dispensary (especially for the first time) can be intimidating and confusing — not to worry — we’re here to help.

If you’ve been following along with our blog page, in one of our earlier blogs we talked about the differences between sativa & indica, let’s now talk about some of the other important things to look out for when you’re purchasing cannabis products at your local dispensary.

It’s Not Only About THC Levels

It seems that a lot of the time when folks are shopping for cannabis products, they only really focus on “high-THC” levels as the main indicator of the product’s value and effectiveness — however, this cannot be further from the truth. Read on as we talk about other crucial factors that should figure into your process, including dosages, ratios, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes.


Paying attention to the dosages and recommended use of specific cannabis products is very important in the process of figuring out what works best for you. Especially with edibles and tinctures, be sure to examine the packaging of the product closely and check with your budtender about the proper dosage and use of said product. Some selections may have a higher dosage per single unit, and therefore will have a greater impact on your endocannabinoid system.


Cannabis product ratios are another vital factor when it comes to choosing the right wellness options for you. For example, the CBD compound has been shown to mitigate the anxiety that is sometimes associated with THC, and so a ratio of 1:1 THC to CBD means that you’ll be getting an equal amount of CBD to work with the THC to make your experience that much more comfortable.

Minor Cannabinoids

Be sure to consider minor cannabinoids when you’re shopping for cannabis products. This is because aside from CBD and THC, there are also minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, D8 & D10 that play ‘major’ roles in providing specific beneficial functions to affect your endocannabinoid system in a synergistic manner that is called the “entourage effect”, which occurs when multiple components of the cannabis plant act in tandem, for more impact. Be sure to check with your budtender and consult the packaging of products you’re interested in — for a clear breakdown of all cannabinoid levels present.


Terpenes are another important component to consider when you’re shopping for the best cannabis products to fit your wellness needs. They are secreted by the cannabis plant, and are responsible for the aroma we normally associate with cannabis strains/cultivars. In addition to their aromas, terpenes also play a large role in the effects we feel from cannabis products. Terpenes such as a-Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene are some of the most notable for their potential to provide increased benefits for the user.

Always Check With Your Budtender!

The above-mentioned information is certainly crucial to remember before your next trip to any dispensary, however there is another guideline that will help you in your cannabis journey. Be sure to always check with your budtender and ask as many questions as you can about the product you are about to purchase. Your endocannabinoid system will thank you!

Here at Lazy River Products, we’re excited for the future of our dispensary, and for the future of legal cannabis and hemp in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen. 


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