Here at Lazy River Products, we are committed to providing our clients with the best self-care alternatives on the market. As we move further into this new era of cannabis legalization, it’s important to understand that education is necessary in order to remove the negative implications of cannabis and hemp in the mainstream. With less restrictions, there has been a tremendous amount of research intended to find out what actual components really make cannabis a truly miraculous compound.

In our previous blogs, we discussed the basics of CBD and THC. Let’s now talk about terpenes — what they are, their roles in nature, and how their properties factor in cannabis.



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The Basics: Terpenes in Nature

At their core, terpenes are a vast class of organic compounds that are present in many plants. They are secreted by the glands of the plants, and are biologically produced to help ward off potential threats such as unmitigated herbivores. The pungent odor associated with terpenes is perhaps the most striking feature that gives certain fruits, veggies and herbs their distinct profiles.

Terpenes & Cannabis

Terpenes are responsible for giving marijuana its flavor. For example: seasoned users who prefer citrus-y, musky, or coffee-tasting cannabis are focusing on their terpene profiles. Cannabis terpenes are secreted in tandem with the other cannacompounds present within any particular type of varietal. As we mentioned before, THC, CBD, and many other recently discovered cannabinoids are the fundamental building blocks giving cannabis its effects, however, with the presence of beneficial terpenes these effects are therefore heightened.


New Research

Since widespread legalization has spearheaded innovation in the worldwide cannabis industry – there are now many new cultivars (strains or varietals) that contain exciting combinations of terpenes. As mentioned above, their flavor profiles make each type of cannabis unique, while at the same time providing unparalleled, potentially medicinal benefits.

Keep reading as we highlight some of our favorite notable terpenes and the famous cannabis varieties in which they appear: 


a-Pinene — As you may have guessed by its name, this terpene has notes of fragrant pine, and is one of the most abundant terpenes found on Earth. It has been shown to aid with inflammation and anxiety. Alpha-pinene can be found in such famous strains as Jack Herer, OG Kush, Strawberry Cough, and the ever-popular, Trainwreck.


Linalool — This terpene is another quite common presence in many famous strains around the world. Linalool has a flowery aroma, and has been known to enhance relaxation. It can be found in such famous strains as Lavender and Granddaddy Purple. 


Myrcene — another major terpene found in many modern cannabis varieties. Myrcene has a characteristically spicy aroma profile, and has been shown to exhibit soothing effects when working in an ‘entourage’ with THC or CBD. This terpene is present in such famous strains as Blue Dream, Tangie, and Durban Poison. 




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