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Massachusetts Recreational Dispensary

Lazy River Products is a vertically integrated cannabis cultivation and product development company in Dracut, MA who, at its core, will produce the highest quality cannabis and cannabis related products in New England.

Our Executive Management Team each has more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields of business entrepreneurship, corporate technology and cultivation/horticulture. They have combined their expertise and together have formed a brain trust comprised of some of the best resources in the industry today. Their shared goal is to use data and process driven methodologies along with a strong customer service focus to create one of the leading brands in the industry and a successful organization that drives lasting change within the local communities it serves.

“Give Back, Grow, Succeed”

Mission Statement

At Lazy River Products, it is our mission to be recognized as the Commonwealth’s premier fully integrated cannabis based Product Development Company.


Our goal is to consistently deliver trusted small batch, craft quality products and exceptional service to our customers and the local communities for which we serve.


At our core we provide professional, compliant and socially responsible standards that raise the bar and will be the new definition for excellence in the Cannabis Industry here in Massachusetts.


We will always diligently work within each of the local communities we touch to help facilitate strategies to further enhance economic opportunity, build strong neighborhoods and provide a solid framework for quality growth and development.

Community & Positive Impact

The goal of Lazy River Products’ Community and Positive Impact Plan is to engage in local communities and provide positive impact by way of various initiatives. One of those initiatives is to work with local community food banks that provide food and personal care items to emergency feeding programs serving the low-income, homeless and hungry throughout the area. Another initiative is to assist in reducing barriers to entry into the Cannabis Industry to individuals located in areas of disproportionate impact.


In part, Lazy River Products will strive to prioritize the hiring of individuals from the local area as well as areas of disproportionate impact, assist local organizations whose missions are to improve areas of disproportionate impact, and develop the workforce of the local areas of disproportionate impact. Furthermore, Lazy River Products will use its resources and business assets to provide community services, skill development and educational opportunities.

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