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Cannabis 101

Education & Information On How To Safely Consume Recreational & Medical Cannabis

‘Marijuana’ – also called weed, herb, grass, pot, ganja, etc. – is dried flower made from the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant. It can be smoked, rolled, or infused into foods, drinks, and topicals. The main psychoactive chemical in cannabis is THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. The plant also contains other compounds called cannabinoids that produce an array of beneficial effects. Treat this section as a new user guide for legal cannabis.

Cannabis FAQ

Adult-use recreational dispensaries are now officially open to the public – for Adults 21+ (with valid, government-issued ID).

You are able to buy up to 1 ounce of flower, or 5 grams of concentrate, or 500mg of edibles per day.  Or a combination of all three as to not exceed the daily limit.

It is still illegal to consume cannabis in public; this includes sidewalks, parks, and public transportation. Legal cannabis is currently only allowed to be consumed at a private residence, but we’re hoping to see social consumption lounges in the very near future.

From flower, concentrates, edibles, and more, you can find more about what Lazy River Products offers on our Products page.

It is illegal to travel with cannabis products out of state. Since cannabis is still federally illegal, you cannot cross state lines while in possession.

There are several different types of cannabis: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids. Each have various effects and attributes. Sativas are associated with more uplifting and focused effects, while Indicas are associated with relaxing and calming effects. Ask your budtender about what kind of experience you want, in order to figure out which products work best for you.

No. It is currently illegal to consume cannabis on the premises of a dispensary.

The cannabis plant also produces a cannabinoid called CBD, which has many beneficial uses (similar to THC, but without the “high”). Many products including lotions, tinctures, and topicals will have CBD in them for the added benefits.

Marijuana Consumption Methods


By far the most popular methods of consumption are joints and blunts: flower that is ground up and rolled in a joint paper or tobacco paper. Pick up a pre-roll from us for a convenient, ready to go package, or grab some papers and roll your own.

Learn how to roll a joint here:

• Peak effect: 15-30 minutes
• Duration: 2-4 hours


Edibles (cannabis-infused food and drinks) are metabolized by your liver, and therefore have a delayed but longer lasting effect. Start with only 1 to 5mg per serving and wait 30 minutes before consuming more. A common mistake is eating too much before starting to feel the effects.


• Peak effect: 2-4 Hours
• Duration: 5-10 hours


Topicals are applied to your skin and processed through your bloodstream. They usually yield a milder high and can provide relief to sore or tight areas.


• Peak effect: 2-4 Hours
• Duration: 3-6 hours


Sublinguals such as tinctures are administered under the tongue and held for some time before swallowing. They get absorbed into the bloodstream for faster acting relief. This method works quicker than edibles but slower than joints, blunts, or bongs.


• Peak effect: 30 min.
• Duration: 3-8 hours

Bong or Pipe

A popular method of consuming cannabis is to use a water pipe or piece that is made from glass, ceramics, or plastic. A bong (or bubbler) is a pipe which usually has a water chamber for smoke filtration. Learn more about bongs here:


• Peak effect: 10-30 minutes
• Duration: 2-4 hours


Smoking vaporized concentrate by heating up a nail and inhaling the vapors produced is called ‘dabbing’. It is generally advised to start with a very small amount, because the effects of dabbing are stronger and more acute than the effects of smoking flower. Check out the Concentrates page to learn more.


• Peak effect: 1-10 min.
• Duration: 3-6 hours

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