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What Are Marijuana Tinctures?

‘Tinctures’ are essential oil-infused, alcohol containing cannabis extracts. They have many uses and can be incorporated in food or taken orally by themselves. Tinctures are popular because the effect is slightly faster than consuming an edible – but not as fast as smoking or vaping. You can easily place a few drops under your tongue which are then processed through your blood supply.



Simply put, tincture is plant material that is soaked and strained. After some time, plant extract is produced.


Tinctures date back to ancient Egyptians who made them by soaking herbs in alcohol. Later during the Victorian Age, many common medicines were in tincture form.


Drop the smallest recommended dosage under your tongue. Wait one minute, then swallow. This allows the medicine to enter your bloodstream for faster onset. Sure, you can swallow immediately, but the effect won’t be as quick.

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