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Caribbean Breeze

Learn More About Caribbean Breeze

Caribbean Breeze is an Indica hybrid strain meticulously crafted by Seed Junky, renowned for his expertise in breeding exceptional cannabis varieties. This particular strain boasts a fascinating lineage, a cross between Pineapple Fruz and the potent combination of Biscotti and Sherb bx. The result is a unique fusion that contributes to its distinctive characteristics.

Dominating the terpene profile are Terpinolene and B-Caryophyllene, providing Caribbean Breeze #6 with a rich and complex aroma. The influence of Biscotti x Sherb bx is evident in its profile, delivering a bold and unmistakable scent reminiscent of a permanent marker, accompanied by subtle notes of gas and burnt rubber. This aromatic blend creates an intriguing sensory experience for enthusiasts.

Visually, Caribbean Breeze #6 showcases dense and tacky buds, exhibiting a striking light blue hue. The buds are not only aesthetically pleasing but also indicative of the strain’s potency and quality. The combination of these visual elements makes Caribbean Breeze #6 a captivating choice for cannabis connoisseurs seeking a well-rounded and visually appealing Indica hybrid experience.

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