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Puna Punch

Learn More About Puna Punch

Puna Punch is Banana Punch x Orange Zkittlez, an Indica dominant cultivar Bred by Kevin Platt, the Chief Cultivation Officer of Lazy River Products. This cultivar embodies the spirit of Hawaii’s Puna District on the East Side on the Big Island.  

Unlocking the jar of Puna Punch releases a Loud aroma of orange, Papaya and Guava, reminiscent of the types of fruits found in Hawaii. As you indulge, Puna Punch delivers a delightful and memorable taste experience. The inhale brings a bursts of orange flavor, enriched with undertones of Papaya and Guava, culminating in a satisfying and full-bodied profile. 

Beyond its recreational appeal, Puna Punch is a heavy hitting indica that can alleviate mild aches and pains, the perfect Pau Hana (end of the work day) smoke. 

Embrace the essence of Hawaii's East Side and savor the journey offered by Puna Punch. 

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