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exaltation cannabis strain

Learn More About Exaltation

Originally brought into the world by Gage Green Genetics, Exaltation is a strain developed as a gift from above. A canna-miracle! Its pungent and alluring profile, blue and purple-hued buds, as well as its abundant crystals make this holy flower a prized and highly (pun intended) sought-after cannabis variety. Created by crossing ‘Grape Stomper OG’ (Grape Stomper x New York OG Kush) with Mendocino’s famous ‘Dizzy’ (Mendo Breath x Grateful Breath Solomon) – this Hybrid is an Indica-dominant variety which features unprecedented levels of trichome production. Gage Green Genetics are “leaders in natural farming and natural healing philosophy. Bringing elevating, healing experiences to life. Engaging consciousness and pursuing human potency through meditation and herbs.” With its fragrant aroma evoking sandalwood, pine, citrus, berry, and lavender; the most commonly found terpenes in this strain are Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene. Looking for a smoke that lifts you up to greater heights while also providing for a smooth landing? Look no further. 

Try Our Exaltation Flower: Resinous–Profound–Relaxing… Hallelujah!

exaltation cannabis strain

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