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The Best Edibles In Massachusetts

The term ‘edible’ refers to any form of infused food or drink that contains marijuana. Many prefer their cannabis in an edible form because they don’t like inhaling smoke. The high from an edible depends on how much THC it contains. For first time users, it takes time to feel the effects, so we recommended starting with 5mg of THC and waiting at least 40 minutes to an hour before ingesting more.



This term refers to an important step when preparing cannabis for consumption. In short this is a chemical reaction that removes a carboxyl group from the molecule and turns THCA into the THC compound. This occurs instantaneously when cannabis is smoked or when cooked in oil.

How To Dose

Due to the late onset of edibles and their duration, users must find their way to what works best. First, be sure to read the packaging and its label to determine the dosages by serving. Take a single serving and wait 40 minutes to an hour, increasing increments in small doses. In general, your experience is determined by your size, weight, and how much you have in your stomach.


Benefits of edibles include precise dosages compared to the arbitrary amount you may smoke in a joint or bong. You also may have longer lasting effects than after smoking or vaporizing because edibles enter the body through the digestive system. Another benefit is that there is no pollen and plant particulate matter. Be sure to view the ingredients on the label to avoid allergies and maintain diet requirements.

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