Blue Slushie

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It sure is hard not to have a thirst for one of the latest selections in our ever-growing lineup: Raw Genetics’ classic, Blue Slushie. This cultivar will leave a stimulating impression on your taste buds, and beyond! Coming from excellent breeding, both newcomers and cannabis connoisseurs alike will love these nugs for their thick green, purple, & orange-hued flowers, as well as their cloudy trichomes. 

This potent hybrid was created by crossing ‘Blue Cookies’ (Girl Scout Cookies x Blueberry) with ‘Georgia Pie’ (Gelatti x KM11). As you can probably already tell from this lineage, Blue Slushie is a pungent variety with gassy notes of minty Kush bursting from its buds, enticing you into sparking up a balanced blend of naturally delightful wellness.

Behold! Blue Slushie’s fresh aroma is famous throughout canna-land. The main beneficial terpenes found in this cultivar are Limonene, Caryophyllene, & Myrcene. It’s a real crowd-pleaser. Come check out our Blue Slushie buds (& also be sure to inquire about our prerolls) when you’re visiting LRP — spark one up and you won’t be disappointed when you experience an uplifting & fragrant rush of fruity dankness!

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