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Learn More About Pancakez

Aficionado have gone and done it once again with this amazing cultivar: Pancakez. We salute them for these buds that have become popular for their alluring pastry taste and relaxing effects. Frosty, mouth-watering, trichome-rich…curious to find out more? Keep reading to learn about its lineage.

This tasty cultivar was created by crossing ‘London Pound Cake’ with ‘Kush Mints’(Animal Mints x Bubba Kush). It is a hybrid that has been known to help with stress and anxiety, and can be used during the daytime or during the nighttime, if ‘the mood’ strikes you!

Pancakez is highlighted by its buttery notes that of course remind cannabis consumers of everyone’s favorite diner breakfast (or late-night) menu item. The most abundant terpenes found within these golden brown buds are: Caryophyllene & Myrcene

For newcomers and connoisseurs wanting to try something new and sweet, be sure to visit LRP & order up a tall-stack of the REAL Pancakes!

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