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Learn More About Sangria

Coming via the infamous Aficionado Seeds, the Sangria strain first hit the NorCal cannabis scene and quickly became an instant classic. Its fruity profile, exotic appearance, robust heritage, and uplifting effects have made it a favorite for adventure-seeking smokers of all types.

It was bred through the crossing of ‘Forbidden Fruit’ with the 5x Emerald Cup-Winning ‘In The Pines’ and ‘Pineapple Thai’ – creating an entirely new bouquet – which is known for its high yield and versatility throughout various climates. The Sangria plant is a very tall, very large, early-finishing purple sativa (shown to contain THC, CBD, & CBG).

With its pungent aromas, the most commonly found terpenes in this strain are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene. According to its breeders, Sangria is “accentuated by razor sharp notes of passion fruit & ripe guava supported by deep waves of pineapple, candied mandarin oranges, and a spilled glass of Pinot Noir.”  

Try Our Sangria Flower: Refreshing, Enticing, Uplifting… Cheers!

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