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Archive Seed Bank brings us yet another exciting cultivar: Fritter Licker. This potent selection has come to be widely known for its array of sugary, fruity notes. It will tickle the fancy of anyone – especially those whose cannabis consumption flavor preference tends to fall on the sweet side. As you can probably guess, it comes from a scrumptious lineage:

This pastry-themed cultivar was created by crossing ‘Apple Fritter’ (Sour Apple x Animal Cookies) with ‘Face Off OG BX1’ (#32 x Face/Off OG x Face/Off OG). It is an indica-dominant hybrid that will have you primed for a wind-down. It’s perfect for nighttime use.

Fritter Licker is part of a relatively fresh seed launch from Archive Seeds that includes Face/Off OG genetics as the focal point for each new cultivar. It is highlighted by a distinct toffee apple taste. But don’t let its ‘new-kid-on-the-block’ status trick you: this treat packs a punch. The most abundantly found terpenes here are: Limonene & Myrcene.

This one’s for all you marijuana enthusiasts & newcomers with a sweet tooth!

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