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Deluxe Sugar Cane

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Learn More About Deluxe Sugar Cane

We return to the pantry with yet another in a series of our confection-themed cultivars here at Lazy River Products. Deluxe Sugar Cane is sure to satisfy the taste buds of cannabis consumers looking for potency as well as pungency. It’s known for its well-balanced and relaxation-inducing effects.

Next we come to the stellar lineage of this cultivar. This delicious blend was created and bred by In House Genetics – crossing ‘Slurmint ix #7’ with the ever-popular classic, ‘Platinum’ – Deluxe Sugar Cane is a cerebral, THC-heavy cultivar also famous for its great potential in aiding with various common bodily issues.

It is a resinous selection which features an abundance of the following beneficial terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, & Limonene. So, whenever you’re craving a natural boost of cannabis wellness, be sure to spark up our incredible LRP Deluxe Sugar Cane flower. Whether you’re a newcomer or cannabis enthusiast, its bright green nugs, trichomes, and rich amber pistils will certainly entice you!

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