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Dante’s Inferno

Learn More About Dante’s Inferno

Watch out…..Lazy River Products is bringing the FIRE!

Dante’s Inferno is brought to us by Clearwater Genetics and Tiki Madman Genetics. It is a cross of Oreoz and Devil Driver, giving it a nice variety of profiles and stunning looks.

Now don’t let the name frighten you, Dante’s Inferno is more angel than devil. Known for its amazing flavor and frosty look you’ll enjoy the smell of strawberries, cream, and cherry that will fill your nose right away. When smoked, you’ll get a similar aroma along with a vanilla nuttiness and hint of spice to round it out. The buds are big, dense and green with hints of pink and orange. You’ll also notice larger white trichomes that cover the buds, giving them a nice icy look. More delicious than devilish, Dante’s Inferno does not disappoint.

As for the genetics; Oreoz is a cross of Cookies & Cream x Secret Weapon, a 70/30 Indica dominant strain, that lives up to its name. Having a spicy & sweet chocolate nuttiness profile with some diesel aromas it’s like consuming that Oreo dirt pudding dessert, but with some diesel. Oreoz is typically a dense, bright neon green bud with amber hairs that complete this cultivar.

Devil Driver is a cross of Sundae Driver x Melonade. A Sativa leaning hybrid that will have you uplifted and energized, it has citrus, fruit, melon and grape flavors. Imagine a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. The buds are dense purple and green with orange hairs and bright white trichomes.

Take a taste and you may just feel liked you’ve sinned, but Dante’s Inferno will get you feeling better in no time!

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