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Motor Mike

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What do you get when you cross the pungency of Motorbreath with the sweet pine flavor of Mike Larry? Meet Motor Mike: a potent hybrid that intersects the aroma of gas and notes of sweet cream with each puff. Glimmering in trichomes on top of deep hues of dark green, this stimulating cultivar is known to have your body and mind feeling blissful ease.

This potent hybrid is born from Jungle Boys, with a genetic lineage crossing the famous Motor Breath (SFV x Chem Dawg) and Mike Larry (Gelato #45 x Larry OG). It ranks high in its THC content and even higher for its seriously lit effects.

The perfect hybridized balance between energy and calm, this one pairs nicely with an outdoor daytime activity to get you uplifted and moving comfortably.

Motor Mike won’t just be your friend, he’ll be your new favorite!

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