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We’re back in the bakery with another in a series of our pastry-themed cultivars here at LRP. However: Cakes N Cream is not your average treat! Chock full of sticky trichomes, these buds are sure to please the cannabis lover with a sweet tooth. We’ve worked tirelessly and waited years to bring our customers only the best flower – and with boutique selections like this one, it’s safe to say the wait was well worth it…

Let’s talk about the amazing lineage of this cultivar: its delectable recipe was created and bred by In House Genetics, crossing ‘Pancakes’ (London Pound Cake 75 x Kush Mints 11) with the tried-and-true classic, ‘Platinum’. Cakes N Cream is a THC-heavy hybrid that fits right in when you’re in the mood to take a space vacation to Planet Flavor.

It has become quite a popular, versatile snack for the senses. This skunky high-resin cultivar features a plethora of the following beneficial terpenes: Myrcene & Limonene. So, next time you’re craving a sweet berry pick-me-up, give our incredible LRP Cakes N Cream flower a shot. We promise you, no matter the situation, if you’re looking for a natural vibe reset, this smooth-smoker will be just the ticket!

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