When browsing our dispensary menu, you’ll find a wide variety of vape cartridges created to tailor to any unique cannabis experience you may have in mind. Between our line of full spectrum, cultivar-specific, and botanical terpene flavored cartridges, customers have endless options and flavors among them.

However, it’s important to understand just exactly how each of these vape cartridges are created and how this will affect you as a conscious and responsible cannabis consumer. Continue reading to learn all about our newest products from our line of Lazy River vape cartridges:

Botanical Terpene Flavored Vapes!

Built with Our Proprietary Botanical Formula

Among our wide variety of vape cartridges available in our dispensary menu, you’ll find a line of specific botanical vape carts packed with fruity and floral terpene flavor profiles. At Lazy River, you can trust that all of our cannabis vape and distillate oil is made with a proprietary formula that includes the cleanest, purest taste.

Similar to our line of full spectrum and cultivar-specific vape cartridges, you can rely on each of our botanical vape blends to be made with:

  • A solventless extraction for an all-natural and safe extraction process.
  • The freshest cannabis flower grown to our high-quality standards by our cultivation team.
  • High-testing potency and purity.
  • An infusion of plant-based terpenes for the strongest botanical flavor.


However, compared to our full spectrum and single cultivar vape cartridges, what makes our line of botanical vapes stand out among the rest?

Each botanical-flavored vape cartridge is layered with our high-quality, potent distillate oil and includes a formula with a 6% terpene base of fruity and floral aromatic flavors complimentary to the vape’s overall flavor profile.


Full Flavor Profiles for Potent Cannabis Experiences

By homogenizing our pure distillate oil with a proprietary plant-based terpene blend, each botanical vape cartridge provides full spectrum flavor and effect. The terpenes added to our products work to enhance flavor and can intensify your overall experience. This is because of the direct influence terpenes have on our cannabis consumption.

Not only do terpenes maintain the unique flavor and aromatic profile that consists in each cannabis cultivar, but they also work with cannabinoids to produce a symphony of effects and feelings when consumed together.

Additionally, each terpene that is derived from cannabis is known for its own individual therapeutic functions. When working in conjunction with other terpenes and cannabinoids, this can produce the desired experience you’re seeking.

This is known as The Entourage Effect, a theory that underscores the influence both terpenes and cannabinoids have when consumed together.

When browsing our line of botanical, flavored vape cartridges, keep in mind the terpene blend listed (and be sure to read our detailed description of each product to help you assess your personal cannabis experience).


Lazy River Products: Now Offering New Botanical Terpene Flavored Vapes

At Lazy River, we believe in creating products that provide only the purest, cleanest, and most flavorful cannabis experience to our customers. More specifically, we understand that full spectrum experiences with cannabis include involving terpenes and cannabinoids to produce desired effects and feelings.

Our proprietary formula of pure distillate oil and blended botanical terpenes produces a unique experience that compliments the essence of the plant. Overall, our Lazy River Products vape cartridge line includes full spectrum, cultivar-specific, and fruit flavored (botanical) cannabis oil to indulge in and enjoy!

Want more terpene and cannabis education? Check back on our Blog page for more information! Be sure to explore our dispensary menu to view the latest vape cartridges available at our retail locations.

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