Cannabis cultivation truly is an art! No matter the flurry of options and techniques available to grow this magnificent plant, the end goal and hopeful result all boils down to growing excellent flower to share as a community. 

There is no wrong or right when it comes to growing cannabis indoors or outdoors – however, there was one clear choice when it came to our LRP flower. 

Keep reading to find out why our expert team chose indoor cultivation to produce the highest quality cannabis flower and cannabis related products in all of New England! 


The Benefits of Indoor Cannabis Cultivation 

An ‘indoor’ grow is designated and designed specifically for growing plants indoors. Growing indoor cannabis involves many influential factors and elements that lead to the beneficial results of this cultivation style.

For instance, one of the many goals of indoor cannabis cultivation includes replicating an ideal environment for your plants to thrive. The appropriate lighting, temperature, carbon dioxide content, humidity control, and airflow within the desired indoor growing space are all essential parts of harvesting your end result. 

Just some of the many benefits of indoor cannabis cultivation include:

  • Full control over all environmental factors (light, temperature, humidity, etc.) 
  • Control over the plant’s flowering period. 
  • Fewer chances for pests and insects. 
  • Year-round harvests (or more frequently than once a year). 
  • Consistency in the crop.


At Lazy River Products, we’re proud to grow consistent, superior indoor flower that meets the standard of quality and experience. As a vertically integrated cannabis company, our cultivators are dedicated to growing the best flower, subsequently producing the best cannabis products throughout every step of our process. 


Indoor? Outdoor? We love it all!

Here at Lazy River, we’re dedicated to growing the highest quality indoor grown cannabis and cannabis related products for our Dracut community. We also love featuring outdoor flower from other amazing farms across the Commonwealth. 

At our Massachusetts recreational dispensaries, you’ll find a variety of top-quality indoor and outdoor grown cannabis:

  • Enjoy the complex flavor of citrus blend and sugary musk with Durban Thai C99 #1 (a sun-grown cannabis strain from the outdoor cannabis farm in Southbridge, Green Meadows). 
  • Pie Cake is one of our newest LRP strains fresh from our very own cultivation – a balanced, potent and pungent aroma and flavor, Pie Cake “takes-the-cake” as one of our favorite Indica dominant Hybrids! (Enjoy this Lazy River Product flower, and more, grown from our very own indoor cannabis cultivation!) 


What to Look for When Inspecting a Cannabis Product Label

Whether you’re smoking indoor or outdoor cannabis, it’s certainly helpful to be able to determine the difference! One of the many simple ways to familiarize yourself on the cannabis products you’ve purchased is by reading its packaging label. 

The packaging label on cannabis flower products is located in a visible spot on the product packaging and gives you further information and insight on the product. 

On a typical cannabis product packaging label, you’ll find: 

indoor cannabis cultivation

  • Strain name and information 
  • THC percentage and cannabinoid content 
  • Batch or Source ID number
  • Date of harvest 
  • Date of product packaging 
  • Name of Cultivator or Farm 
  • License ID of Cultivator 


Additionally, a QR code or URL often links consumers to a certification of lab analysis (CoA). This certification verified that the cannabis product has been analyzed by a lab and screened as safe for consumption. 

Among the many varieties of cannabis products available at our Massachusetts recreational dispensary, we ensure our customers each of them has the appropriate packaging label full of information for you to consume with care. 


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