Have you heard the latest news? Lazy River Products now offers 3 NEW Vape Products; Full Spectrum, Cultivar-Specific and Fruit Flavored(Botanical) Cartridges.

In this article, we are focusing on Full Spectrum and Cultivar-Specific.


A Quality Process & Quality Product

Our full spectrum and cultivar-specific vape cartridges are not only customer favorites for their high-quality cannabis distillate oil but also for a trusted, clean, and solventless extraction process.

When it comes to our Lazy River vape cartridges, you can count on the finest quality and care at each step of the extraction process.


LRP: Always Keeping it Clean

Lazy River’s Massachusetts Manufacturing Facility & Dispensary includes our in-house cannabis laboratory, where the cannabis extraction magic happens! Our team of cannabis lab technicians and extractors are professionally trained and optimally equipped to handle the extraction process with the utmost care.

Throughout each step of the process, we ensure the adherence to cleanliness and sanitation in all of our lab equipment, tools, and lab technicians.


A Solventless Co2 Extraction

The Co2 extraction process for our full spectrum and cultivar-specific distillate vapes involves using carbon dioxide gas in a frozen, compressed state. This supercritical Co2 gaseous liquid functions to break down, dissolve, and separate all substances and compounds of the dried cannabis flower.

This extraction method is solventless, meaning no other chemicals are used in the process other than the natural compound, carbon dioxide. At Lazy River, we believe the Co2 extraction process to be the safest and purest method of cannabis distillation we can offer to our customers.


The Best & Freshest Cannabis Flower

Our team of extractors and cannabis manufacturers believes that in order to make the best quality products, you need the highest quality ingredients. All of Lazy River’s distillate oil comes from only the best starting material – our terpene-rich and potently flavorful indoor whole flower!

Before we begin the distillation process, we choose the best harvest batch and grind down the whole flower (not just the trim)!


Maximum Concentration & Clarity

Once the distillation process has ensued, our lab technicians move the extracted distillate oil through a pope still to further refine the product. As a result, this not only provides a more fine-tuned concentration but ensures consistent clarity and cleanliness in the vape oil and final product.

This is why you will always find Lazy River’s vapes tested in the mid-90% range for total aerobic count (TAC) – meaning oil that exceeds the best sanitary quality.\


State of the Art Stainless Steel & Ceramic Vape Technology

After our team has extracted the cleanest and highest quality cannabis distillate, it’s time to match the full spectrum and cultivar-specific cannabis oils to our state of the art vape technology.

Our manufacturing process includes putting that oil into the best-of-breed hardware; stainless steel material built to last, with ceramic coils for fast and consistent heating temperatures. Our quality vape cartridges are designed to help you enjoy our flavorful potency, down to every last drop!


Cultivar-Specific Vapes: Preserving Flavor Profiles with Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

After our expert lab team has performed the extraction process, there’s one more key ingredient that makes our vape cartridges the best in the Massachusetts cannabis market: our beautifully grown cannabis flower!

This means preserving the terpenes, cannabinoids, and chemical compounds that make each of our stellar cultivars so unique. Once we’ve distilled a single cultivar to create potent cannabis vape oil, we reintroduce some of these preserved terpenes from the flower to provide a freshly rich and flavorful essence to the distillate.

And when we say in-house, we mean it! The terpenes that are reintroduced back into the cannabis distillate oil are coming straight from the plants we’ve grown – they are not purchased plant terpenes.


Full Spectrum Vapes: Enhancing Your Cannabis Experience

As we’ve discussed, ingesting terpenes in cannabis (and other botanical plants) has a direct impact on our endocannabinoid system and the overall effects felt.

Terpenes and cannabinoids work in conjunction to produce a unique experience for users. This theory, known as the Entourage Effect, suggests that the therapeutic effects and benefits of cannabis are stronger and more efficient when working harmoniously with other various cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • About our Full Spectrum Concentrates:

“Our full-spectrum Strain Specific cannabis concentrates include a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and contains the full spectrum of active compounds that are found in the source plant. The inclusion of multiple cannabinoids as well as terpenes increases the extract’s ability to have a potent reaction within the body that many claim is as close to smoking flower that a concentrate can get.”


Lazy River Vapes: Bringing Fresh Flavor to You!

Our Lazy River vape cartridges offer a one-of-a-kind consumption method that provides consistent hits and heating temperatures.

With freshly extracted terpenes added back into our distillate oil, and packed into a state of the art ceramic heating vape technology, you can count on our full spectrum and cultivar-specific vape cartridges to provide consistently clean and flavorful taste for an optimized cannabis experience.


Up Next: Lazy River’s Fruit Flavored(Botanical) Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Stay tuned for the next blog all about our line of Fruit Flavored (Botanical) vape cartridges coming to our dispensary facilities in beautiful Dracut, MA!

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