Here at Lazy River Products our cultivation and retail teams are comprised of true believers in the power of the cannabis plant to change the world. For too long it has been given a bad rap, and we are proud to be contributing to the reduction of its stigma. 

With that being said, we are fully committed to doing our part in ensuring environmental sustainability and responsibility when it comes to conscious cannabis consumption. 

Everything from our dispensary facilities, to our cultivation facilities/operations, to the packaging used to house our flower, we are always working on ways to reduce our footprint. 

Keep reading as we discuss the importance of environmental sustainability within the modern legal cannabis industry. 


Legal Cannabis & The Environment

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and many other states around this great nation have already had legal cannabis available to them for some time. This has made for some very positive measurable changes within those states. 

Marijuana legalization has also of course made for some factors that could be considered as negative side effects of widespread recreational use. The issue of increased waste has certainly become prevalent. 

However, with more and more data there’s more room for improvement. As the legal cannabis movement picks up steam, responsible dispensaries such as ours are taking all the steps they possibly can in order to make their products environmentally friendly.


Efficiency, Sustainability, and the CCC (Cannabis Control Commission) 

Whether or not you are personally in the legal cannabis industry, it is good to be informed as to the specifics of you particular state, especially when it comes to such important issues as efficiency and sustainability. 

While they may be similar, each state has their own specifications, framework, and organizations set up to facilitate responsible cannabis industry growth within said state. 

Fortunately, the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) has released detailed guidelines regarding these crucial topics, meant to “assist licensed Marijuana Establishments with developing energy efficiency and environmental best practices, and to comply with state laws and regulations.” 


One of Our Initiatives: Throwing it Back to the 2nd Annual Lazy River Products Broadway Road Cleanup!

We believe that change starts locally, and so we were proud to organize this event. Coordinated with Dracut DPW, Dracut Town Hall, and the Dracut Police department, we were joined by over thirty volunteers who picked up trash from CVS all the way to Wheeler Street in Dracut. Wow, what a great day! 

We love looking back fondly on events such as this one knowing that we really made a difference. We’re excited for all the great events and initiatives that are surely to come in the future. 


Lazy River Products: About Our Flower/Pre-roll Packaging & Our Upcoming Recycling Program

In one of our earlier blogs we talked about our new packaging partner for our Lazy River Products flower, Calyx, and why they were our number one choice for containers. 

We  take enormous pride in working with other companies in the legal cannabis sphere that are also deeply committed to ensuring environmental and social equity responsibilities within their operations. This is why Calyx is such a great fit for us. We are looking forward to future collaborations. 

We are also really looking forward to implementing our upcoming recycling program. This is in efforts to create as little waste as possible (both on the part of our facilities/crew as well as on the part of our customers). 


With so much going on across the MA legal cannabis market – our aim is to continue to be a leader in both efficiency and sustainability, so stay tuned for more news & updates!


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