If you have visited our dispensary in beautiful Dracut, Massachusetts, or if you have been following along with our blog and various social media channels, then you already know that during the past few months we have been releasing our very own LRP cultivars. 

After many years of research and development, our amazing cultivation team led by Kevin Platt have grown and harvested a selection of stellar buds that is sure to satisfy cannabis smokers of all types. 

We care about our flower deeply, but it is also important to note that we are concerned with safety and environmental conservation. From our cultivation methods, to our business operations, to our packaging, we are proud to do our part to ensure we are helping the planet. 

Keep following along with this blog as we talk about the importance of cannabis packaging and why we love our esteemed packaging partner: Calyx Containers


“Much More Than Just a Container”: The Importance Packaging in the Legal Cannabis Industry

Why is cannabis packaging such an important issue? Simply put, while you may not realize it, cannabis packaging actually serves many functions. 

These functions include: child-safety, acting as freshness preservers, contributing to the overall health of the planet, amongst many others. 


The Sheer Size of the Cannabis Packaging Industry (Plastics)

To put things into perspective, let’s look at some data from GlobeNewsWire regarding the exponentially increasing use of plastics in cannabis packaging:

On the basis of material, the plastic segment accounted for the highest market share in 2021 owing to extensive consumption of plastics in packaging products like jars, pouches, vials, containers, and thermoformed blisters and clamshells due to structural benefits and cost-effectiveness

This certainly is staggering information, indeed, as well as another testament to the importance of choosing the ‘right’ packaging partner.


Calyx Containers: Simplified Packaging & Inventory 

Speaking of choosing the right packaging partner – next, an introduction to Calyx Containers.

 According to their website:

“Calyx Containers and Trays transform cannabis packaging by providing unparalleled efficiencies, unique brandability, and downstream consumer benefits.”

In addition to their plastic containers, we will also be using their glass containers for our reserve line as well as for concentrates.


So, Why Do We Feel that Calyx Containers is the Best Packaging Solution for Our Flower?

Now that we have introduced you to Calyx, let us talk about why our LRP team feels that their containers are the best on the market. 

Certainly, there are a lot of competing brands out there, however, Calyx is ahead of the pack for many reasons. 

Here are just some of their most crucial selling features that helped us come to the decision to choose them for our LRP flower packaging:



Firstly, perhaps one of the most important concerns in the legal cannabis industry is safe, child-proof packaging. Conscious consumption is always going to be the name of the game when it comes to responsible cannabis use. 

Therefore, you want to make sure your stash is protected and secure in any situation, whether you are on the go or relaxing at home.  

Calyx Containers are an excellent solution that offers an innovative pinch and pull opening mechanism that keeps kids out and ensures that the adults can easily access their flower when they need to. Chill out in comfort knowing that you are consuming consciously, and ensuring the safety of those around you. 



Secondly, the issue of storage was also vital to our search for the best cannabis flower packaging. Calyx keeps your flower fresher, longer, and exudes unmatched style while doing so. 

Their plastic containers feature a truly resealable lid that is responsible for regulating internal moisture and oxygen, which is great when you want to keep those terpenes nice and fresh for continued consumption. 

What’s more, another amazing thing about Calyx containers is that after you’ve smoked your flower, you can then repurpose your container for many other everyday items that require storage! 


Last but certainly not least, Calyx Containers believe that sustainability is actually multi dimensional, which means that the cost of doing business absolutely cannot come at the harmful expense of our planet. 

Their team fully believes in ‘mindful manufacturing’ that is directed at the reduction of energy, water use, and emissions. 

With these containers, you’re saying “good-bye” to single-use plastics. This packaging is specifically designed to be reusable and fully recyclable!


Environmental Responsibility: What is ‘accelerated degradation’?

But wait, there is a lot more! It is also important to note that Calyx containers have less impact on our environment compared to traditional packaging. 

While other companies out there are manufacturing products that clog up the earth, we’re proud to be choosing and implementing packaging composed of much more environmentally responsible materials. 

These containers are treated with an organic additive that enhances the speed of microbial decomposition, a process that is also known as ‘accelerated degradation.’ 

When you purchase our Lazy River Products flower, you can rest assured that you are making an sustainable choice.


Coming Soon: Lazy River Products’ Recycling Program

As you can tell from the above information, we are beyond thrilled to be partnering with Calyx Containers in order to be able to present our flower to our loyal and new customers in the best, most convenient way possible. 

Our team is constantly working on ways to refine our process in order to make things more sustainable for our operations, our employees, and our loyal customers. 

With that being said, we’re excited to announce that we will be providing our clients with a recycling program for the aforementioned plastic containers and other future packaging. 

So, stay tuned to our blog page, keep up with our socials, or (even better) stop in and say “High” to our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders, and come see for yourself what all the buzz is about, and why folks regard us as Massachusetts’ Premier Recreational Dispensary. 


Need A Vibe Check? Come On By And Check Out Our Amazing Cultivar Selection, We’d Love to See You! 

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