As we’ve learned so far, there are plenty of different factors and details that often play into the quality of cannabis flower and products. It’s helpful for conscious consumers to consider the chain of custody in cannabis and how its role can impact the final result of cannabis flower. 

In our last blog, we discussed the cannabis labeling details to look out for when determining quality cannabis. Let’s continue the conversation of how to determine high quality cannabis by learning the signs to look for among the sea of options available today. 


The Importance of the Certificate of Analysis 

Earlier this month, we dived in about the importance of reading and understanding the packaging labels of cannabis flower. Identifying the label details on your product can help you further determine important information and gain insight into the cannabis purchased. 

In addition to the cultivar name, farm or facility grown, indica/sativa categorization, date of packaging, and other details — many cannabis products provide information on how consumers can get access to the certificate of analysis. 

The certificate of analysis, also known as COA, is what is referred to as the test results of the cannabis product presented. The COA is a document created by a third-party cannabis testing laboratory, where flower can be analyzed and tested for its cannabinoid or terpene content. 

The COA is also beneficial in screening cannabis products for any mold, mildew, or other harmful toxins and pesticides. 

Many cannabis farms and brands will have the COA of their products posted online for consumers to read. Oftentimes, there’s a QR code or link on the packaging label that sends you to the testing lab’s document. 

Overall, the COA on a cannabis product is the clearest sign of assurance that the cannabis you’re purchasing is safe and has been tested clean. Although cannabis lab testing isn’t legally enforced in all cannabis states within the US, for best safety practices it’s advisable to not buy or consume products with no COA of the product. 


Cannabis Security & Sustainability Matters 

Of all the unique and innovative products that have risen from the cannabis market, each item is uniquely different in how it’s grown, harvested, manufactured, and packaged. 

However, no matter if you’re buying an infused preroll or an eighth of your favorite flower from a local Massachusetts farm, each item contains certain packaging elements required by the state. 

According to Massachusetts Labeling, Packaging, and Advertising Regulations

“Marijuana or marijuana product packages for sale or delivery to consumers must be in child-resistant packaging. Packages should be plain and opaque and should not contain any attributes that may be appealing to minors.  Packages should also be resealable if they contain more than one serving, which is limited to no more than 5 milligrams of ∆9-THC per individual serving.”

If you take a look at any dispensary’s shelves of cannabis products, you’ll find a colorful array of eye-catching designs and details decorated around the packaging. The variety of designs allow these different farms and companies to express their cannabis products and consumer education in their own branding style.

However, there is a complex problem regarding cannabis packaging-derived waste. Between the selling and manufacturing of cannabis products, there’s an excessive amount of plastic and non-reusable materials used in many packaged cannabis products. 

As a conscious consumer, it may be helpful to assess the options of cannabis products in front of you and be mindful of the items that don’t have excessive or unnecessary plastic packaging. 

At Lazy River Products, every effort has been made to use recyclable and sustainable products from glass concentrate jars that are made from 56% recycled glass, to #5 recyclable polypropylene containers containing an organic additive that ensures faster degradation in landfills.


Lazy River Products: Detailed Labels & Packaging for Quality Cannabis! 

Now that you’ve learned how to properly identify quality cannabis from the packaging label and its details – you’re left with one more task to assess the quality of your cannabis: Open up the fresh seal of your jar, take in a few sniffs of the aroma, and get ready to enjoy all the flavor your quality cannabis has to offer!  

Lazy River Products is proud to offer the largest variety of high-quality cannabis flower in the Dracut, Massachusetts area! 

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