Considering the vast amount of cannabis cultivars out there, recreational dispensaries and retailers certainly offer a wide variety of enticing options. However, with more variety/availability should come more emphasis as to the awareness of the products you purchase. 

In this blog, we’re going to give a few pointers on what to look out for when it comes to navigating the different cannabis options available in Massachusetts. 

The Chain of Custody in Cannabis

Firstly, although it is not regulated the same as our food, cannabis does go through a very similar process of cultivation, harvesting, testing, packaging, and distribution. This entire process for growing, manufacturing, and selling legal cannabis is what other industries know as a chain of custody.  

In cannabis, this means knowing the what, when, where, and how. No matter the type of product, there are many touch points in cannabis retail that can oftentimes influence the final result and consumer experience. 

Actual Cannabis Label

Additionally, the chain of custody plays a large role in either preserving or ruining the product. The cannabis plant is unique in the sense that the drying and curing process significantly influences its quality.

Similar to when we buy our favorite food or drinks, the intricate chain of custody our cannabis products go through before we have purchased and taken them home is often overlooked. 

As conscious consumers, it’s crucial to be able to confidently identify the details that ensure top-quality cannabis. 

Quality Cannabis: Identifying Label Details 

Secondly, when it comes to considering the chain of custody for cannabis products, it’s important to remember that no single state holds the same rules and regulations. 

With that being said, there are many stops that occur from seed to sale. Many legal states require cannabis products to be lab tested and certified for safe consumption. Subsequently, cannabis labels state basic information on the flower grown, its cannabinoid content, its harvest and packaging date, and much more

As a consumer, these labels can look like a blur of numbers and information that are overwhelming to comprehend. But not to worry, we are here to help!

Overall, here are some of the things you’ll find on cannabis packaging labels: 

  • Strain/cultivar name
  • The farm or facility in which it was grown
  • Indica/Sativa classification
  • Date of cannabis lab test
  • Cannabis testing lab name 
  • Date of packaging
  • Any further state-specific legal compliance information

With this information alone, consumers can carefully determine the quality of cannabis. 

Helping Customers Make Conscious Cannabis Choices

For instance, imagine you are reading the label from an eighth that was just purchased at a recreational dispensary. From this label, you can conclude the name of the strain, its THC content, and information from the farm or facility in which it was grown. 

You can also find out when it was stored and shelved, which is important when considering the overall shelf life of the product and freshness of quality. 

With this basic information that is listed on the labels of cannabis products, consumers are able to make conscious and safe choices on what they purchase. 

Trusted Quality at Lazy River Products 

Recently, the state of Massachusetts has found signs of corydalis in some manufactured cannabis edibles. This botanical Chinese herb, known for its heavy sedation effects, can cause serious health and toxicity issues to the liver if overconsumed. 

Our dispensary can safely assure our customers that we do not use this herb in any of our LRP goods, nor do we represent any brands that are using this in their cannabis products. 

In conclusion, packaged food items have labels to give us insight on their nutritional value, ingredients, and manufacturing process. With cannabis labeling, it is no different. As consumers, understanding which labeling details to look out for is crucial. 

At Lazy River Products, we pride ourselves on providing the best indoor-grown cannabis in all of Massachusetts. Craft cannabis is our focus and it is consistently evident in our final product. 

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