With so many headline-making things happening in the world of legal cannabis and hemp, our team at Lazy River Products is thrilled to be doing our part in the ‘Green Revolution’ — for folks in our local Dracut community as well as the entirety of New England. While cannabis wellness and self-care can appear in many different forms (concentrates, flower, tinctures, edibles, salves & more), there is one aspect of the industry that seems like it is constantly going through incredible innovation: Live Concentrates. 

At LRP, we believe in the power of education and information when it comes to the cannabis-based options we’re putting in our bodies. In one of our previous blogs, we explored edibles and how they interact with our endocannabinoid system. Let’s now talk about live concentrates, the different types, and their particular properties compared to other types of concentrates. 

What are Concentrates?

First things first, you might be asking, “What are Concentrates?” Even if you’re a seasoned cannabis user you still may want to brush up on the definitions of the various forms of cannabis products offered on the market. Concentrates (or dabs, as they are also commonly known) are the products of the distillation of various parts of the cannabis plant, containing the desired terpenes and cannabinoids.

The majority of concentrates available on the market are produced using the dried and cured parts of the cannabis plant, with some notable exceptions. Keep reading as we talk about what sets ‘live’ concentrates apart from the rest.   

Live Concentrates: Resin

The main difference between ‘live’ concentrates such as resin, and other commonly available concentrates – is that live resin comes from undried and uncured cannabis plant material. After the fresh plant material is flash-frozen, all desired compounds are then extracted, with the method of extraction depending on the producer. 

By utilizing the freshness and more desirable parts of the raw cannabis plant (buds, leaves with heavy trichome content, etc.), the flash-freezing process used in live resin production preserves a greater amount of beneficial terpenes, making for a much more flavorful dabbing experience.

Live Concentrates: Rosin

Live rosin is similar to live resin, however it has one important difference that makes it a highly sought-after concentrate. Because rosin is made without using any solvents — it needs to be extracted delicately using heat and pressure — which means that producers must first make bubble hash by shaking trichomes off freshly-frozen plants, using an ice bath. The remaining trichome product (with no plant matter) is then pressed into live rosin by using a low-heat method.

What are the Various Forms of Live Concentrates Such as Resin/Rosin?

Now that we’ve talked about the particular properties of live concentrates such as resin/rosin, what forms of these products can you expect to find at our dispensary and others around the country? Live resin/rosin comes in many different configurations and consistencies: badder/budder, sugar, sap, and others, and can also be found in vape cartridges.

Here at Lazy River Products, we’re excited for the future of our brand, and for the future of legal cannabis and hemp in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and beyond. 

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Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.

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