Among the best things to come out of recent cannabis legalization is the explosion of creativity that has followed. From new products, to lifestyle brands, dispensaries and technology, there’s certainly a lot to be excited about in this new market. The edibles spectrum is decidedly one of those things; for cannabis connoisseurs and beginners who may not prefer to smoke or vaporize, edibles are a sensible solution. Keep reading as we highlight the major edible groups, their usual dosages, and more.

Chocolates & Cookies

For those familiar with cannabis culture, the term “pot brownie” strikes a nostalgic chord and reminds them of more innocent times. Before legalization was even a glimmer in the eyes of several trailblazing (pun intended) states, practitioners of alternative, marijuana-based medicines would produce weed butter to bake into pastries. The high was stronger, longer lasting, and wholly different than any buzz achieved from smoking.

Nowadays, users are at an advantage because any edibles available on the market are mandated to display their contents. Whether you prefer cookies, chocolates, fudge, cupcakes, or brownies, your sweet tooth is in luck. In most cases, a normal dose is 10mg per portion, and the dosage and intensity usually goes up from there. Be sure to start slow!

Have a knack for baking and feeling like making your own weed butter? If you have some surplus cannabis, making a batch to keep in the fridge (for toast, pastries, etc) is perfect for when you want that extra THC kick. We recommend trying this easy to follow recipe.

New Hampshire Marijuana Edibles


Thirsty for a relaxing high? The edibles sphere now includes “drinkables”, too! From sodas to sparkling water, you now have the ability to enjoy a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day, all the while receiving the benefits of THC. There’s seemingly no end in sight to the possibilities of the THC-infused beverage industry, as new combinations of flavors continue to pour out, and new brands continue to emerge.


Tinctures are also part of the “drinkables” niche because they can be added to any beverage of your choice. Whether you’re into smoothies, mocktails, teas, or iced coffee drinks, tinctures have the ability to brighten up any flavor profile while at the same time giving you that much-needed THC boost. Be careful when trying tinctures; more often than not, the dosages are much larger than those of sodas. Pay close attention to how much you’re dispensing out of the dropper – start small, and enjoy!


THC-infused gummies are another great development in the age of legal cannabis. Smaller than cookies and less prone to melting, gummies are a perfect alternative self-care solution for busy lifestyles. If you don’t necessarily have the time or the ability to spark up a joint, throw some gummy treats into your backpack or purse! Relief is mere seconds away, and you’ll be enjoying a delicious snack in the meantime. 10mg is an appropriate starting point for gummies as well.

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