“We know cannabis – because we grow cannabis.”  – Lazy River Products For the last 3 years, we have been working diligently to finally get to this point. It’s taken millions of dollars, years spent traveling the globe gathering intelligence, applications completed, permits filed, town meetings attended, blueprints created and refined, licensing and regulatory requirements met, pheno and genome hunts performed, plus a whole lot more….

Announcing: Our First LRP Harvest!

And so we’re excited to announce that we have begun our first harvest. We have a truly unbelievable lineup of exotic, west coast genetics coming EXCLUSIVELY to our patient and highly-valued customers. We have partnered with some of the most talented West Coast breeders to bring those well-vetted and highly sought-after genetics to the East Coast! 

Brace Yourself Massachusetts—Local, Small Batch, Craft Quality Cannabis is Finally Here!

We filmed our first plant coming down! You can watch here at https://youtu.be/mGem1yWiDpg You can expect to see this flower on the shelves very soon. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing each new cultivar as it’s being harvested. Full, in-depth cultivar descriptions will be formally developed so you may better understand why we chose these select lines of genetics and specific breeders to work with.  The product is currently drying and will soon be curing before heading off to be hand-trimmed by our Post Harvest Team. Once the curing process is completed, this flower will be loaded into our custom packaging and will then be available for your consumption.  We have made accommodations so customers can try these new lines of genetics in 1g packages at very competitive price points – so you can try the product before committing to a larger quantity. We will be introducing these cultivars to the general public via our VIP SMS Text Group, Our Email Group, and then to Social Media. 

Sign up to be a LRP VIP Member Today!

If you aren’t already a member of our VIP SMS Group, be sure to get signed up here at https://lazyriverproducts.com/mooseline/. Also, join our cultivation page on Instagram @lazyriverproducts_cultivation to stay up-to-speed on all of the new activity and images of soon to be released product(s). lazy river products first cannabis harvest

Lazy River Products: True Cannabis Cultivators

Among the many different cannabis businesses available throughout our area, navigating through the various brands and product choices can be a daunting task. So, what makes Lazy River Products uniquely great?  Our expert team stands apart from the rest because unlike other dispensaries, we are a true cannabis cultivator. Keep reading as we outline just some of the advantages of cultivators over retailers. 

True Cannabis Cultivators vs. Retailers

Firstly, what’s the difference between true cannabis cultivators and retailers? The most notable difference between the two is that true cannabis cultivators are intimately involved in the process of bringing cannabis products from the soil to dispensary shelves. They are an integral part of the delicate nuances of cannabis cultivation, and they know every detail about every single product available.  While it’s true that exclusive cannabis retailers may be able to get their hands on products from various sources, can they really be sure about their quality if they weren’t present for the cultivation/harvest/extraction process? We think not. 

Knowing the Difference Between Good & Great Cannabis Products

Consequently, a benefit of true cannabis cultivators is that they certainly know the difference between good and great cannabis products – and as they say, “it’s all about the little things.” Our expert cultivation team at Lazy River Products is there every step of the way as we develop our strains and cultivars, and so we can proudly stand behind our cannabis because we know precisely what makes our flower and formulations the safest, most effective in Massachusetts.  In contrast with retailers, true cannabis cultivators can have open conversations with their consumers, and are able to explain exactly why their products are of the highest quality and standards. ‘Good’ cannabis products are everywhere these days – ‘Great’ cannabis products are dependent on a true cultivator spirit. 

True Cannabis Cultivators: In it for the “Long Haul”

Finally, another benefit of choosing products from true cannabis cultivators is that they are fully committed to the  cannabis cultivation sphere; in it for the “long haul” – true cannabis cultivators are highly experienced growers that are involved in this complex field because they truly love the cannabis plant and all the incredible wellness potential it contains.  However—retailers, on the other hand, are forced to rely on “secondhand” information, and generally have much less experience when it comes to the actual science of cannabis cultivation—something that we feel is absolutely crucial to creating and maintaining a reputation as a trusted marijuana brand. 

Lazy River Products (Dracut, MA) – True Cannabis Cultivators

Come Check out the Best Dispensary in Massachusetts!

We’ve always got something exciting going on at our facilities in Dracut, from road & river clean-ups, to live performances, cannabis farm features, giveaways, fresh new product drops, and much more! Be sure to drop by and check us out, we promise we’ve got something for all types of canna-curious consumers.  For more info about Lazy River Products – be sure to sign up for our Newsletter: https://lazyriverproducts.com/newsletter-sign-up/
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