Lazy River Products is proud to offer high grade cannabis for Massachusets state residents looking for a quality self-care experience. Our selection includes everything from flower to pre-rolls, wax, edibles and distillates that contain beneficial levels of THC. However, you may not be aware of the specific properties of the cannabinoid known world-wide as a miracle compound.

Understanding everything we put into our delicate systems is key to becoming aware of our natural body rhythms. Achieving and maintaining balance within our lives is difficult, and having a substance such as cannabis is great for doing just that. Keep reading as we discuss the particulars of the compound THC as it relates to our bodies and minds.

Discovering the Miracle Compound

While cannabis in its purest plant form has been used, documented, and even worshipped for centuries throughout the world, cannabinoids were first researched and isolated at the end of the 19th century. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) wasn’t discovered until the 1940’s, and formal elucidation came much later at the hands of Raphael Mechoulam, in 1964. Further research in the 1970’s solidified the scientific claim of the compound’s medicinal benefits, including helping to induce drowsiness, appetite enhancement, and alleviating depression.

THC & Sleep Disorders

The connection between certain types of cannabis and our sleep patterns is one that has almost mystical undertones. It’s been proven that the worst sleepers among us can be instantly lulled by ingesting a particular strain that works with our natural body rhythms. The endocannabinoid system was also a major discovery, leading to the major assertion that humans have built-in receptors that are specifically designed to interact with cannabinoids in order to achieve our delicate balance. We recommend trying some classic Afghani – this high-THC (20%) indica will surely put you to sleep, and keep you there!

THC & Appetite

By now everyone has heard of cannabis inducing “the munchies”, however this highly comical stoner-evoking image is actually a very real benefit of the compound. Providing desperately needed assistance for those suffering from chronic pain or cancer, smoking or ingesting THC serves as perhaps their only hope to follow through on the hunger their body perceives but the brain can’t stomach. Another classic, Sour Diesel is sure to get your senses flowing right up to the next food truck you encounter.

THC & Depression

Depression is an extremely serious disease that affects 300 million people worldwide on a yearly basis. Only in recent times has this debilitating affliction been taken seriously, with more and more being prescribed (oftentimes) dangerous pharmaceuticals. And, more strikingly, the side-effects of these drugs are often much worse than the disease itself. With THC, all these concerns melt away. When smoking or ingesting certain types of cannabis, you can be sure that what you’re expecting is exactly what you’re going to get: fast-acting, side-effect free help. The terpinoline-rich Jack Herrer is ideal for a great uplifting high.

Want to get the most out of your canna-experience? Stay tuned to the Lazy River Products website for more blogs such as this one!

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