At Lazy River Products, we strive to keep our customers informed about the wide variety of cannabis products available at our dispensary. Two of the most potent and flavorful products we often get asked about are live resin and live rosin. Despite their similar names, these two cannabis concentrates are actually quite distinct in terms of their production techniques, chemical composition, and sensory experiences. In this blog post, we’ll detail the key differences between cannabis live resin and cannabis live rosin to help enhance your understanding and guide your choice when purchasing concentrates.


a woman holding a bottle of liquidThe Emerging Popularity of Cannabis Concentrates: Quality & Potency

Firstly, modern cannabis consumers are progressively turning to cannabis concentrates, driven by their quest for a superior quality and more potent product. Concentrates provide a refined and cleaner version of cannabis that often results in a more potent and intense high.

They are known to be free from plant matter, providing a pure, unadulterated experience hard to match with a traditional flower. The potency of concentrates can be several times that of an average cannabis flower, offering a more immediate and lasting experience for the user.


Cannabis Live Resin and Cannabis Live Rosin: Enhancing Experience with Variety & Versatility

Furthermore, the wide variety and flexibility that cannabis concentrates offer is another compelling reason for their popularity. Concentrates come in an array of forms such as oils, wax, badder, shatter, and resin, allowing consumers to explore and find a format that best suits their lifestyle and consumption preferences.

Also, they offer versatility in the method of consumption – they can be vaporized, dabbed, used in cooking or applied topically. This adaptability, coupled with the heightened sensory experience, makes cannabis concentrates a preferred choice for modern-day aficionados.


What is Cannabis Live Resin?

Cannabis live resin is a highly potent and flavorful form of cannabis concentrate known for its vibrant terpene profile. Live resin is extracted from fresh cannabis plants that are flash-frozen immediately after harvest and kept at ultra-low temperatures throughout the extraction process.


Key Characteristics of Live Resin:

  • High-terpene content: The immediate freezing after harvest and the cold extraction process preserve a greater range of aromatic terpenes, giving live resin its distinct and robust flavor profile.
  • High potency: Live resin concentrates are rich in cannabinoids, making them highly potent and delivering a full, intense user experience.
  • Solvent-based extraction: The extraction process of live resin typically involves the use of solvents like butane or propane, which are removed during the final stages of production.


a person holding a penWhat is Cannabis Live Rosin?

On the other hand, cannabis live rosin is also a form of cannabis concentrate that is appreciated for its terpene richness and potency. Unlike live resin, however, live rosin is made using a completely solventless technique – heat and pressure are applied to freshly frozen cannabis to extract the resinous sap from the plant.


Key Characteristics of Live Rosin:

  • Solventless production: The solvent-free extraction process means that live rosin doesn’t contain any potential solvent residuals, making this product pure and clean.
  • Broad terpene profile: Like live resin, live rosin also retains a wide array of terpenes, contributing to its flavorful and aromatic qualities.
  • Potential for high potency: Given that live rosin is made from high-quality starting material, it can be highly potent, providing a strong and enjoyable cannabis experience.


Cannabis Live Resin and Cannabis Live Rosin: What’s the Difference?

While cannabis live resin and live rosin both boast rich terpene profiles and potency, they are different in several ways:

  • Extraction methods: Live resin uses solvent-based methods, versus the solvent-free approach used in the production of live rosin.
  • Production process: Live rosin requires a mechanical method (heat and pressure) to separate the plant’s compounds, whereas live resin uses solvents at low temperatures to extract these compounds.
  • Chemical profile: Although both concentrates are rich in terpenes, the array of terpenes and cannabinoids may differ between live resin and live rosin due to the variations in their extraction processes.


By understanding these differences, you can better choose the product that best meets your preferences and needs.


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