Lazy River Products is proud to announce the release of our “Live” line of artisan Rosin products. Truly solventless extraction and the cleanest way to create and consume cannabis concentrates today. If you’re intrigued and excited as we are about this new process and these new products then read on…

The Lazy River Products Process: Purity & Precision 

At Lazy River Products, our commitment to quality, trust, and community responsibility is unwavering. As part of this commitment, we utilize an innovative, solventless extraction process, ensuring our products are as pure and potent as they are ethically crafted. This commitment extends throughout every step of our process:

#1 The Highest Quality Starting Material

First and foremost, quality in, quality out. At Lazy River Products we understand that in order to produce the Highest Quality Rosin and Rosin Products on the market we MUST begin with the appropriate starting material. Kevin and his Cultivation Team are working with select genetics that have incredible terpene profiles and are being bred specifically for this program. 

These plants throw off an incredible amount of heady trichomes that are collected as a part of our washing process and ultimately are used as the basis for all these new products. These are incredibly aromatic blends that not only smell but also taste AMAZING. With terpene percentages already coming back on some of these NEW products in the 8-12% range, you’re sure to be impressed. 

Equally as important is that these products are CLEAN! There is nothing but water, ice and pressure used in the creation of these products, so you’re not ingesting any residual solvents like ethanol and butane as you would with Resin and Sauce based (BHO) products. Keep reading to learn more….

Washing & Separation: A Gentle Touch

Our cannabis undergoes a meticulous washing and separation process. This is where our commitment to a solvent-free method truly shines, ensuring our products are both safe for our customers and kinder to our environment. We maximize the extraction yield while preserving the integrity of the cannabis plant.

With that being said, we recently made a massive new investment in the HashaTron – ensuring we only provide our consumers with the best of the best. 

Collection of Trichomes: Harnessing the Essence

As an integral part of our solventless extraction process, we focus on the collection of trichomes. These microscopic resin glands are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, and capturing them allows us to deliver an unparalleled experience to our customers. This step underscores our dedication to setting new standards for excellence within our industry.

Lyophilization: The Final Step

Finally, after the collection of trichomes – our extracted material undergoes a process known as lyophilization – which is the dehydration of the wet material so that it can be loaded into the packets prior to squishing. 

The Chilled Advantage: “Cold Cure” — Why Temperature Matters!

Maintaining the ideal temperature throughout the extraction process is crucial for our LIVE Rosin products. Freezing the plant material live serves to preserve terpenes, which are highly sensitive to heat and may degrade during the curing process. The chilled temperatures ensure that (8-12%) of our product comprises terpenes, resulting in a full spectrum, flavor-rich experience for our customers.

We are also serving the concentrates chilled, which keeps the quality all the way through!

The Benefits

Our Live Rosin products provide numerous advantages:

  1. Preservation of Vital Compounds: By freezing plants live, we capture the essence of the cannabis plant, retaining its vital compounds, including terpenes and cannabinoids.
  2. Authentic Representation: Fresh-frozen material offers the purest approximation of the plant’s natural state.
  3. Full Spectrum Experience: Our products deliver the complete range of compounds, contributing to the entourage effect and providing an unparalleled experience.
  4. Sustainably Crafted: We value community engagement and environmental responsibility. Our Live Hash Rosin products exemplify our commitment to sustainable practices.

Don’t wait, these LIVE products will go fast as LIVE Products make their grand entrance in-store!

Want to keep your concentrates ice cold but don’t wish to store your cannabis products in the household refridgerator? Well, look no further! This signature Lazy River Products Mini Fridge sports a matte finish and a modern profile. Built with advanced technology, this fridge has a unique semiconductor operation that’s energy efficient, ultra-quiet, and 100% environmentally friendly. Versatile, lightweight, and portable, this fridge can go anywhere. Which means your concentrates can go anywhere as well!

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