Here at Lazy River Products, we’re proud to be your #1 source for the highest quality in cannabis products in all of New England. From flower and edibles, to tinctures, vape cartridges, concentrates and more, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding the best possible choice for your personal wellness style.

For those already familiar with cannabis and dispensaries, and for those that are newcomers to this new and exciting space, there’s a lot of information out there.
It’s important to be just as informed about what you’re putting in your body as it is to know about the legal cannabis consumer process – such as what happens when you visit a dispensary like our excellent facility at LRP in beautiful Dracut, Massachusetts.

In one of our previous blogs we talked about the importance of considering other components (than just THC levels) when choosing the right cannabis product for you. Let’s now discuss a few of the most common misconceptions folks have relating to the collection of personal information while they’re at our store.

Cannabis Dispo Misconception #1: "I'm a federal employee/contractor, should I be worried about my dispensary visit being disclosed?"

Simply put, the answer is “No” – all customer information that is collected by Lazy River Products always stays with LRP, so that is an unfounded worry and you should continue shopping knowing your info is safe with us.

Cannabis Dispo Misconception #2: "I'm a licensed gun owner, should I be worried about my dispensary visit being disclosed to the state of Massachusetts?"

Again, the answer here is “No” – your information is securely stored and so there is no danger of it being shared outside of the Lazy River Products dispensary.

Tips/Concerns Regarding Your LRP Customer Profile

Creating a Lazy River Products customer account profile helps us provide the best possible service to you, while also keeping you informed about our latest events and products. When creating your profile, be sure to use your most frequently-used personal email address. And of course, when asked – there’s absolutely no pressure for you to create a profile at all.

Our Budtenders are Excited to Help You Find the Right Cannabis Products for You!

We hope this article was helpful in clearing up some common misconceptions you may have when visiting our dispensary, and we hope you enjoy your next visit!

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Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.

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