If you have been to any of our River Fest celebrations, you would have noticed the large green Spicket River Brewery beer and food truck in the parking lot. And hopefully, you tried their pull pork sandwich, cauliflower bites, and a couple of their delicious craft beers.
Like Lazy River Products, Spicket River Brewery also opened its doors for business just before COVID started. When we heard of their “River” name, their story, and all the passion they had to offer great food and beer, it was a no-brainer for Lazy River to partner with our river friends from the east. A famous office quote is, “its like two rivers coming together, it was meant to be”. It really is meant to be, Spicket River Brewery is awesome, and we encourage all of our followers to check them out at @SpicketRiver and online at https://spicketriverbrewery.com.
It’s so great to see and appreciate people who put their heart, soul, and use their own two hands into creating a terrific local product. #SIPTHESPICKET
And in case you are wondering, yes there is a real Spicket River, and it is a 17.7-mile-long river located in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The Spicket River begins at the outlet of Island Pond in Derry, New Hampshire, and flows south into Salem, New Hampshire, passing through the Arlington Mill Reservoir. The river continues through Salem, encountering copious suburban development, and enters the city of Methuen, Massachusetts, where it drops nearly 100 feet (30 m) in elevation over a series of dams on its way to the Merrimack River in Lawrence.
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