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smackin weed strain

Learn More About Smackin’

Have you heard the news? In House Genetics have done it again and cooked up another mouthwatering cultivar. Smackin’ is a Champ! Packing quite the wallop while evoking sugary, pastry-like notes – this one will please both newcomers and longtime cannabis users alike, due to its carefully orchestrated lineage.

Its genetics are impeccable. This enticing cultivar was created by crossing the mystical ‘MacDaddy’ with ‘Pancakes’ (LPC75 x KM11). Smackin is a hard-hitting hybrid that will have you in the right headspace for a relaxing evening. It’s ideal for indica lovers.

Smackin is yet another main contender in the midst of all the stellar selections offered by In House Genetics. It has a delicious taste reminiscent of your favorite sweet treat.  This one features an abundances of the following beneficial terpenes: Limonene & Linalool.

Try it out for yourself and experience natural, Lip Smackin’ Goodness!

smackin cannabis strain

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